The Sovereignty of God by Arthur Pink  v.1.01

Arthur Pink's famous theological work on the Sovereignty of God.

LexWin  v.

This allows small libraries and home datatbase enthusiasts to have a thoroughly professional library system at no expense. Lexwin catalogs and displays images, Internet URLs, music files, movies, computer programs, etc.


BibleMax Robinson's Morphological  v.1.0

It is a known fact that the first versions of the New Testament were writen in Greek language, so if one wants to study these parts of the Scriptures in its original language, a deep knowledge of Greek is needed.

Trousers  v.2 2

Trousers is a computer software program which supports the academic record-keeping of a small-to-medium sized Bible school or seminary.

Logos Bible Software  v.4.30.01613

Bible Study Library gives you the tools you need to dig deep into Scripture, with almost 275 books worth almost $4,000.00 in print. The Cited By tool shows you every place your favorite books mention the passage you're in.

Scottish Philosophical Theology  v.

This volume concentrates on the period from the beginning of the 18th century to the latter part of the 20th. It is impossible to depict a single school of philosophical theology in Scotland across three centuries,

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